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User Management

To add/remove users to INCIDENTS, you must be an admin. Visit Admin > Users in the top navigation bar.

Adding users

To add an user, enter her email address to send her an invitation to create an account.

Disabling users

  • You cannot disable an user who's been sent, but hasn't accepted, an invitation.
  • You cannot disable the last enabled admin user.
  • You cannot disable the last enabled user (who's probably an admin!).

Admin role

An user can be either an admin or a normal user.

An admin can do everything a normal user can, plus:

  • view every incident (not just the incidents he's a member of)
  • add users to INCIDENTS
  • remove users from INCIDENTS
  • add/edit statuses
  • add/edit priorities

Currently, there's no way to elevate an existing user to an admin from the web interface.

User statuses

An user can have a status of:

  • DISABLED: User is soft deleted and cannot log in.
  • INVITATION_PENDING: The user has been sent, but hasn't accepted, an invitation
  • INVITATION_ACCEPTED: The user has been sent and has accepted an invitation
  • CREATED_MANUALLY: This user wasn't created via invitation. This is likely the initial user, created using the Rails console.