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Install Docker and Docker Compose, then run:

git clone && cd incidents
chmod +x && sudo ./

This script will create a Docker container running INCIDENTS and provision an initial user account.

Now visit http://localhost:80 and log in with the outputted credentials.

Don't follow these instructions to install INCIDENTS in production! Data and files are stored on disk and SSL isn't set up.

Common errors while installing

"Couldn't connect to the Docker daemon"

  • Be sure Docker is running. Run sudo systemctl start docker, start Docker Desktop, or run the equivalent command to start Docker for your OS.
  • Docker requires root access to run. Make you're running sudo ./, not ./

Docker container "killed" during installation

  • Clear disk space if you're running low on it
  • Add more memory (if installing in a VM) or terminate unused, memory-intensive processes

Dark theme

See this page to install INCIDENTS so it uses the dark theme.

(Spoiler: you only have to add one word to the two commands above!)